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Software RY+

Ruminology RY+ Ruminology RY+ is the software which allows to formulate a balanced diet for ruminants in order to check the parameters over time. A good job starts with the evaluation of chemical and physical analysis of both unifeedand forages. RY+ has an exclusive feed library of more than 650 feeds and 210 nutrients, result of 10 years of work which allows to compare different geographic areas and quality of forages along time: we create knowledge and experience for our nutritionists and customers.


Data provided by RY+ are compared with the nutritional requirements of ruminants suggested by Cornell, INRA and by Nutristar experience, to assess if needs coverage is proportionate to the goals. RY+ is a tool able to define the best forage/concentrate ratio according to the farm forage quality and to the stage of lactation of the group of animals fed. The correct interpretation of results of all chemical and physical analysis of diet and forage is the key to reach high milk yields and maintain a healthy rumen and gut. To keep a stable rumen.


The correct interpretation and knowledge of parameters which compose RY+ certificate is the key to develop a correct cow nutrition and improve feed efficiency. Ruminology RY+ compare theoretical nutritional requirements with the real ones of animals reared. Our aim is to use more forages and less concentrates.

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