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Cow nutrition


You need water
to make milk

Milk is made of 87-88% water. During the lactation period, dairy cows have an average daily intake above 21 Kg of dry matter. To produce 25 kg of milk per day they have to drink at least 100 Lt of water, to an equal extent of 80% of total ingestion as presented.

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Buying less forages and using less
concentrate is possible, thanks to a
360-degree approach on the farming.




Ruminology method RY+

Ruminology is the method created by Nutristar to approach to the ruminants nutrition. It is based on the set of chemical and physical analysis of the diet and its components. RY+ makes more efficient the resources that each farmer has.

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Rapid increase of profitability and animal
welfare in 35 grams of technology.

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